You Are Using Your Editor Wrong

And the wrong editor!

You always hear people saying their editor is the best, that everyone should use it and bla bla bla. I do that myself, Vim is the best, you should use it.

You also hear “you should do xx this way, you will be more productive”. And then your hear back from the other side “nah, it doesn’t matter, use anything, anyway, it will do the same job”.

Everyone has opinions about this, and I want to analyze it and give mine.

And you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, you are absolutely correct!

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Introducing Ember FormBuilder

I was hacking around with Ember.js and had to do a kind of complex form. All fields were bound to one object and I had a hard time styling and binding everything. While doing this I got myself thinking of simple_form and how it would be helping me if I could use it.

And why not create a form builder for Ember? Yeah why not, I decided to try. I can’t say I failed miserably because the idea is cool, I like what I wrote in the README and how things are defined to work. But no doubt the code ended up a pile of crap, complicated, hard to understand and hard to evolve from.

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Using Facebook JS SDK With Ember.js

This is my first blog post and it will be as simple as that.

Using the ember-facebook library

I wrote a (really) simples addon for Ember.js to automatically load the facebook javascript sdk, it’s called ember-facebook as you’d expect.

To use it you just have to download the compiled js file from the downloads page on the github repository. The library is written in CoffeeScript and I do love CoffeeScript.

Download ember-facebook.js

Once you done it include it right after the actual Ember.js file, and before your application one, do it as you are used to.

Right now you can use it like this, on your application creation include the Facebook Mixin:

Application Configuration
App = Em.Application.create(Em.Facebook)
App.set 'appId', 'YourAppId'
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